Located in Dallas, Fort Worth Metro of Texas,

serving clients in Florida, California, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Georgia & North Carolina. We take advantage of technology and mobile conferencing to help clients worldwide. We have many years of experience behind us, and it shows in what we can and will do for our clients. We understand BIG statements with mind on time and expense!

Feeling confused in the abyss of digital media?

We're here to help! It's the perfect time for your business to take advantage of the changing seasons in modern digital media, technology, and marketing to save you the time and money you need to reinvest.

Pixel Spectrum Introduction

Pixel Spectrum is a premier visual media and digital design studio in Dallas, Texas (DFW). We offer our clients a full line of services to serve all graphic design and advertising needs by maintaining focus on the newest trends, technology, and using our many years of experience in Web Design and Development, Video Production, Graphic Design, Interacive Design, Print and Advertising Design, UI/UX Design, Responsive and Mobile Design just to name a few. We're ready to help you out with your design needs no matter where you are. Plug into the energy of design today.