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Pixel Spectrum (PxS) specializes in UI/UX Design, Architecture & Development, but PxS does it all. Your brand is very important to us... from concept to creation; innovation is our driving force.

Design is our passion, creativity and conceptual thought are our tools. We love what we do and it shows. Whether a top company, start-ups (including tech) or small business to mom & pops we have got you covered, and ready to get started to help you get the top notch visual solutions you should get. Attention to the smallest detail should be done for everyone regardless of budget. Each client is treated like gold @ PxS!

The Spectrum of Our Services:



Providing User Interface & User Experience design, architecture & development has been at the very heart of all that PxS does. Good design should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and portray your need for user actions.


Web Design

PxS starts all Web Design & Development projects the same way... with the user in mind (UI/UX). Following brand guidelines or logo colors we ensure an eye on design, attention to detail & speed.


Mobile Design

PxS has been providing mobile & responsive design since before this term was coined and way before phones/tablets were even a thought, with the multitude of monitor sizes. We practice device agnostic design.



PxS has an eye on Video Production, Interactive & Multimedia. Whether it’s a commercial, music video, or interactive presentation we will get your message to your audience.


Logo & Branding

Beyond Logos, PxS has helped form Identity & Branding for business, or expand on existing branding to help develop a Brand Governance plan that’s easy to follow and concise.


Advertising Design

Advertising Design is as complex as it goes. Whether the need is print, online, billboards, t-shirt printing, etc. PxS ensures your messages are the same throughout all these areas you need for your business.


Print Design

Whether it’s a simple flyer, business cards, brochure, journey map, or a complex layout like a book. PxS has been involved in helping business make impressions anywhere and everywhere.


Product Packaging

This is the key part to any product whether in the public eye on shelves or direct selling to customers. Product Packaging tells your customers you’re serious. PxS can help from packaging to store displays.


Printing Services

Over the years we built a network of go to printers that we use regularly. Choosing the right services & printer ca be daunting for business. That’s why PxS offers printing services this to help you get what you need.


Shirt Printing

Whether it’s design or printing shirts we can take care of it for you. PxS started this journey out of a need for ourselves. We offer low minimums, and never setup charges. Using quality shirts is very important to us.


Decals & Signage

PxS believes that a first impression can be a small or large endeavor. That why being able to offer small die-cut vinyl stickers & decals, signage, and to large store-front graphics became important to us for our clients.



Businesses can have trouble finding a way through the abyss of technology, branding, and more. PxS offers consulting services to clients to help navigate modern standards while helping them streamline.

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Samples of Our Work:

The right partner can see those things you sometimes can’t, nor will they sell you on a solution you do not need... enter PxS!

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