Published on: 11 OCT 2017 Written by: Eric Carbaugh

A popular movie from the 80’s had a phrase that played repeatedly to a farmer with a corn field until he built a baseball field... “Build it and they will come”. This same idea was brought into the business world early one when it comes to all things digital. Not only was this never true, but it is less likely to be true; sicne the Now generation (millennials) will never buy into this.

The NOW are often misrepresented by not having attention, not being reliable, are clueless… etc. The fact of the matter they are highly informed, they are so much more inclined to technology that older generations are not, they are early adopters, and more. However, you better educate them, entertain them, influence them, entice their need to be part of a cause, or all the above.

Let's get back to the “Build it and they will come” thought process. Although social media is a great tool for business, just like the web it can be done very badly. Much like a website that is never updated, a social media profile that never gets updated is bad as well. The worst is a profile that is filled with too much content that isn’t relevant to their cause or business. This is the web’s equivalent to cat videos that fill websites, :).

Updating content often is a big key to being successfully online as well as social media. Not just posting randomly works either. One of the biggest tools that a business can use is an app that allows them to post to multiple social accounts at once, and the ability to schedule posts. The best part of this is that you can take an hour every Monday, schedule your posts for the week and you’re done! I personally use Zoho Social; a great tool.

Content is king, and even more on social media! Not only do folks not like it when people always talk about themselves. Social media is even more annoyed by this when businesses do the same. The best use for business when it comes to social media is to provide really good content to their audience that addresses the need of educating, entertaining, influencing, enticing their need to be part of a cause, or all the above.

Be wise, be friendly, and by golly get out there and get social!

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